Sunday, October 6, 2013

I recently shipped The Last of Us with Naughty Dog - check out some of the high poly sculpts and portrait renders I did for the main characters at the Zbrush-central thread here -

IF you're new to the game, it is absolutely incredible and was extremely well received.  The team at Naughty Dog is exceptionally talented, hardworking and creative.   

Check out more here.

(Above image courtesy of Naughty Dog)  

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  1. Awesome works here... I saw all your arts on ZBrush Central and inside the game (of course), I really loveee your models.. I am a game developer and I always get inspirations from Naughty Dogs games, I read all documentation you guys release on slideshare (learned aloooot with them).. I also modeled Joel on Zbrush with these pictures you posted as reference and reading your posts. I love the details and the life you give to the character.. I am training like hell for one day going to work on Naughty Dog.. ;D Hey.. thank you very much for sharing these..

    Ohh.. I took like some extra hours to finish the game because of these models.. I stayed all the time rotating the camera around the character to study the shaders and all.. hahaha .. really enjoyed it